What is Rosen Method Bodywork

Rosen Method Bodywork addresses deep holding patterns within the body. This treatment uses the body as a gateway into subconscious patterns of holding and tension. A muscle can either be working or be relaxed. When a muscle or muscle group is chronically holding tension, there has been a pattern established by the body in order to survive specific circumstances or life experience. Intellectually we may know that we no longer need to be in survival mode, but on a cellular level our body may still be bracing itself. Rosen Bodywork facilitates introspection into the purpose served by a client's chronic physical tension. This bodywork supports awareness of the emotional, physical and cognitive aspects of unconscious material. Using touch, words and presence, a safe space is provided which offers clients the opportunity to listen deeply and access the truth behind the holding. Life outside a person begins to reflect this truth and living a more authentic life becomes possible.

Over time, clients report experiencing less anxiety and stress, increased freedom and less physical and emotional pain, having balance in their emotional life, making clearer decisions, engaging in healthier relationships and overall sense of well-being in life.


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